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Difference between a Book Review and an Article Review: Tips for Effective Writing

The guidelines you will find below provide clearly outlined information on the difference between a book review and an article review writing. If you are not sure whether you need a book review or article review, make sure to carefully find out all the details of required content.

A Manual on the Difference between a Book Review and an Article Review

  • Purpose of writing reviews

Regardless of whether you need to write a book review or an article review, you should be aware of the core purpose of this writing type. First and foremost, you need to make readers aware what the analyzed literary work is about, what its significance is, and whether it is worth attention. Review writing is mainly directed towards people who have not read a particular book or article, so make sure to provide objective information as well as a paragraph presenting your opinion on the book/ article. In short, you need to provide a critical analysis of the literary work alongside its evaluation. When writing a review, do not pay much attention to the book/ article summary. Devote just a brief paragraph for summation of the information.

  • Choose a literary work to review

When you get a book or an article to review, there is no problem with the selection process. However, people are often given freedom of choice and are asked to provide a review on a book or article they have recently read, or which corresponds to the recent popular topic. When choosing a literary work, make sure you narrow down your selection process to the field of research or the subject realm, further to a specific area and then to a specific genre whatsoever. The most important thing to keep in mind when you are given the freedom of choice is to select a book or an article that you find particularly interesting.

To find out whether the chosen book/ article is suitable for your interests, make sure to skim read the content and look through the vocabulary and terms (whether everything is clear and comprehensible to you).

  • The main body of the book/ article review

Regardless of whether you are writing a book review or an article review, keep in mind the following:

  1. A good review introduced background information about the work as well as presents the full title of the literary work and the name of the author(s);
  2. A successful review provides a concise summative paragraph of the content;
  3. An effective review contains a detailed evaluation and critical analysis.
  • The review may be organized in the following way (if you have no other requirements):
  1. A synopsis, summary or abstract, where you summarize the core ideas of the reading.
  2. A strong thesis statement, where you put forward a claim regarding the purpose of writing, the fundamental ideas, development of events, etc.;
  3. A short biographical sketch of the author’s life, particularly what led him/ her to write this work, whether this work is similar to the rest of his books/ articles (if he/ she has any), etc.;
  4. A discussion how your analyzed work is connected to the other ones in this field or adjacent areas;
  5. Detailed evaluation of the reading, where you provide sufficient supporting information, illustrations, and examples from the text (preferable quotes).
  • Recommended structure for a book review:
  1. Come up with a succinct and original title for your review. Do not write the same title as the book has. This is the biggest mistake most people make. Try to make the title attention-grabbing and interesting so that your readers want to read it till the end.
  2. Full citation. If you need to review a history book, then you should provide a full citation of the source at the beginning of the review.
  3. Introductory paragraph. Provide a few general descriptive sentences, where you describe the context or the background of the book. Make sure to finish the introduction with a strong and clear argumentative thesis statement.
  4. The main body. The number of body paragraph depends on the aspects you have chosen to analyze or which ideas you have mentioned in the thesis statement. On the whole, you should have at least one summative paragraph and one paragraph of the book evaluation.
  5. Conclusion. Re-emphasize the findings you have got in general. Reiterate the ideas mentioned in the thesis statement as well. Make sure to provide a recommendation whether the book is worth paying attention to. If the book proved to be significant or influential in your research area, mention it as well.
  • Format

Follow the precise format requirements. However, if there are no specifics, make sure the writing is typed, has one-inch margins, half-inch indentations, has numbers on all pages, and if double-spaced.

As you see, there is no much difference between a book review and an article review. If you want to provide an effective book or article review, just follow the abovementioned recommendations and you will provide an excellent work.

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