The best way to define a whitepaper is to say it is a document that is a crossover between a corporate-style brochure and the type of article you would find in a magazine.

The majority of customers read the educational part or the magazine part of a whitepaper to get solutions to various problems. However, the brochure or ‘persuasive’ part also has a function i.e. it persuades the reader to use a company’s services or purchase its products.

One unique aspect of a whitepaper is that it is designed to both educate the reader and sell. This dual feature makes these documents an awesome marketing tool. This is why so many customers are willing to pay anything from $3,000 to $10,000 for a white paper of between six to fourteen pages long.

What is a White Paper and How Can You Become Good at Writing Them?

So, what is a white paper? Provided you understand how to write a good article or different types of marketing documents, you should easily be able to understand the white paper meaning with a bit of practice and effort. Step one is to read every available guide or piece of advice from existing articles, blogs, books, and so on or study existing white papers. An increasing number of businesses are publishing white papers on the Internet to bolster their marketplace authority, which you can download and read.

Once you understand the white paper meaning, you can practice your newfound knowledge by writing about a real or imaginary company. It is best to select a B2B (business-to-business) company because these businesses tend to produce and publish more white papers than other types of companies.

Alternatively, you could ask a company like to create your white papers. Essentially, we hire freelance writers who know the white paper meaning and we sell writing services.

Our writers have had a lot of practice so their skills are finely tuned. Therefore, if you need a white paper or white paper example for your business but think your writing skills are not sufficiently good, why not ask for a little writing assistance.

How Creates and Sells White Papers

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Many companies whose business is writing white papers will complete your first order at a cheaper rate. This practice gives you a feel for that company’s quality and the aim is that you will buy more written work from that provider in the future.

With some good white papers in your portfolio, you are in a better position to sell more products and attract new customers. You can post these on your website or publish them through other channels. When you ask for our assistance with writing white papers, we can also help you target individual customers and other businesses in appropriate fields.   

Why You Should Get White Papers Written and How Can You Do It?

The fact is that some people like writing white papers and are good at it while others are not. However, whatever their skills level, a lot of people seek writing assistance from professional service providers, in part because they want their important documents to be well-written and properly edited. A great advantage of white papers is that you can be quite detailed in the information you provide, which is very useful for marketing purposes.

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As well as providing you with expertly-written papers, we offer tips and advice, can explain various aspects of the white paper concept, or we can give you feedback on papers you have already written.

So, if you have any questions about our writing services or do not understand the white paper concept, please feel free to ask! We will do everything in the best possible way.